Feather touch brows

Are a very natural imitation of brows. Individual hairs are drawn, creating the appearance of natural texture and shape of brow hairs. This procedure particularly suits people who want an enhanced, but natural looking eyebrows.

Price $450

Touch up in 6-8 weeks $150

Ombre Brows

Also known as Powder Brows or Shaded Brows. These are created such that the tail of the brow is darker, lightening towards the front of the brow. The tattoo looks very natural as, from the side, the eyebrow appears to be defined with a pencil or highlighted with eyeshadow.

Price $450

Touch up in 6-8 weeks $150

Combo Brows

a combination of Feather Touch and Ombre Brows. Hair strokes are created throughout the brow resulting in the feathery look of real hair and then a shading technique is employed to create a denser look.


Price $550

Touch up in 6-8 weeks $150

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